The time has come to put down the stethoscope.

CelebHomes News was informed by NBC on March 14th that they had confirmed the news to CelebHomes News New Amsterdam—starring Ryan Eggold, Freema AgyemanAnd Janet Montgomery—will end with a shortened 13-episode fifth season.

Season four of the medical drama—which is based on the bookTwelve patients at Bellevue Hospital: Death and Life Eric Manheimer—is currently airing on the network.

Although it is difficult to let go of Dr. Max Goodwin’s crew, Liza KatzPresident of scripted programming, NBCUniversal, said the network is so thankful to the crew and cast for “their incredible talent, dedication and collaboration.”

“The story of Max Goodwin,” she continued in the statement, “and his never-ending commitment to patients at New Amsterdam, has been inspiring.”

“When I read the pilot script first time. New Amsterdam“I knew that we had a winner,” President of Universal Television Erin Underhill added. Over the past four seasons, David [Schulner], Peter [Horton]The cast of our amazing actors have tackled difficult and inspiring stories which not only touch on human nature but have also brought us joy and a sense of hope. This series is a huge success and we are grateful to all those who contributed. New Amsterdam“To live.”