Discuss sisterly love.

5 Dec. Michael Schulman profiled Succession Star Jeremy Strong ​for the New Yorker, revealing that the actor takes his performances to a level that Logan Roy would appreciate—all or nothing.

The profile included quotes and details about Strong’s dedication to playing Kendall Roy​, and how this led to real life pain—not just the emotional kind we last saw his character in when he faced the turmoil of being ostracized by his father.  Saying that Strong has sustained injuriesThe following are the recommendations: role including impacting his tibia and femur in one scene and fracturing his foot in another.

As if that isn’t proof enough​ of Jeremy’s intensity, Schulman, interviewed cast members who express trepidation when it comes to their co-star’s methodology. 

But Sarah Snook​, who plays Kendall’s sister Shiv, only had nice things to say. 

When she was asked about her co-star, Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast on Dec. 8 the actress said, “Jeremy is great. He is a very singular, unique person and actor and he works in a different way than other people. All of us work differently. Everybody has their own process.