Maya VanderOne busy woman.

It Sunsets for Sale star joined the Domenick Nati Show on Tuesday, Dec. 7 to discuss the Netflix reality series. Fans know that the series was renewed for two seasons. Season five is being filmed.

At this time, it’s unclear if the cast will reunite for a sixth, but Maya can say one thing for sure: She won’t be filming full-time if it’s renewed again.

According to the realtor, “It’s likely that I won’t be a full time cast member because it will be difficult logistically for me to do the back and forth again especially with a 3rd child.” Relatively speaking, I think that I’ll be more focused in Miami on my family and my small business, especially if the show is renewed.

Maya’s husband is not named. Aiden1, and Elle, 1. Baby No. According to the mother’s November 9 Instagram post, Baby No. 3 will be due anytime now.

As for Maya’s impression of the most recent season, she said that she’s learned “a reality show can get easily manipulated and edited.”