Brian Cox may crack the whip as Waystar Royco CEO Logan Roy on HBO’s Succession, but in real life, the actor is at the mercy of his bosses—just like everyone else.

“The Gestapo-element of HBO are present,” he said during his Aug. 25 talk at the Edinburgh TV Festival, telling reporters not to ask about the future of the hit show“They don’t want me talking about them.” Succession.”

Even still, Cox managed to reveal a few behind-the-scenes details from the Emmy-winning show, sharing that the actors only get their scripts two days before shooting—though he wished he had more time to sit with them.

He stated, “Getting scripts is like getting gold.” I like learning the lines.”

Cox also said he pushed for his character to be Scottish, which Succession showrunner Jesse Armstrong At first, he refused to give up. It was shocking when Cox finally gave in to his demands and admitted that Logan came from Dundee. (“Of course, the actor replied, “That’s f–king writing for you.”

It BraveheartThe actor commented that he and Roy had one similarity, adding that they would be sharing a deep disappointment in human experiment. He said that Logan might “hate” Logan if they met in person and that Brian Cox should “just shut the F–k up.”