Turn around, look at what you see: Suzie from Stranger Things Pretty Little Liars.

That’s right, Gabriella PizzoloWho plays? Gaten MatarazzoThe Netflix drama’s love interest, Suzie, is now starring in another hit series for teens. Specifically, Pizzolo has put Suzie’s glasses and tech-obsessed ways to the side to play doomed high school student Angela Waters on Pretty Little Liars.

You likely saw Pizzolo and didn’t realize it was her, as she made a jaw-dropping entrance in the first episode of the HBO Max series. In the first episode, Pizzolo’s character enters a New Year’s Eve party with makeup streaming down her face and begging for help. After her peers ignore her, Pizzolo climbs onto the rafters and joins the partying crowd.

As we have said: Original Sin – PLLAngela, a woman named Angela, is exactly the opposite Stranger Things‘ Suzie-poo.

We weren’t the only ones surprised to see Pizzolo on PLLAs several people have said, the scene is hilarious. One fan wrote, “When Dustin learns how badly these pretty little liars treated Suzie,” quipped on Twitter. “He’s going to FREAK!” Another wrote“Not suzie!” Stranger ThingsBeing in the New Pretty Little Liars. “What a queen!”