The monsters or the humans themselves are scarier, we don’t think. OderYou can see them made. 

From The Mind Flayer to Demogorgon and the newest horrifying addition, Vecna, Stranger Things is filled to the brim with creatures scary enough to even make adults want to check under their beds for monsters.

These monsters somehow manage to make it onto small screen TVs. CelebHomes News has an exclusive interview.While you were streamingWe had a chat with Barrie Gower, the prosthetics designer on the Netflix series to answer all of your burning questions. 

Gower is a co-owner of a special effects cosmetics company and was given the task to make this season’s most terrifying monster, Vecna.

Gower stated, “Rather than creating a rubber suit that he could just wear, we decided to create it for all of his prosthetic devices.” The suit would have to be attached directly to the skin of Gower, and then glued using medical adhesive. It was extremely slimming and form fitting.

How many were they? Gower says that there were approximately 2425 appliances.

Each piece was placed on to Jamie CampbellVecna stars in the movie with. Gower noted that “the first application from start to finish gluing it all over his body [took]It took eighteen and a-half hours.”