Jamie Lee CurtisHer excitement over her youngest child was too much to contain. RubyYou tied the knot.

The weekend will be a celebration of the Halloween kills star shared a few photos on Instagram from inside her 26-year-old daughter’s cosplay wedding with her new wife Kynthia. Jamie posted a May 29th post captioned, “WIFE IS SWEET” and shared an image showing herself standing between newlyweds dressed in costume. Jamie wrote “YES, THEY DO” and added, MARRIED!” A photo showing the brides leaning forward to exchange a kiss with their guests was also included.

After the epic festivities wrapped, Jamie—who also officiated the ceremony—shared an image of herself posing with something that her fans are used to seeing killer Michael Meyers carry in their infamous Halloween movies—a butcher knife. You can’t make this up! As she held her cake-covered knife, she said: After everything had been taken, the only thing that was left was the f–king BUTCHER KNIFE with which they cut the tiramisu cake. WIFE IS SWEET!