Usually, renters move out and live elsewhere. Could be due to wanting to own property or the landlord is just downright nasty. Whatever the case may be, renters tend to not stick around for long. Now, how often do you read on our site that a tenant decides to buy the home they’re renting? Rarely. With that said, CEO of Chipotle Steve Ells sold his 4 bed and 4 bath NY townhouse to Lyor Cohen, former CEO of WMG (Warner Music Group), for a reported $11.4 million. Perhaps Ells was cutting Cohen some slack, or Ells is just simply nice. It’s said that Cohen has started an all-in-one business with support of Google and Atlantic Records. Yeah, lets just go with Ells being nice.

The simple bricked-out 5-floor envelops a lavishing interior. One key feature is the windows. They overlook a private garden and other wonderful views that Jane St and Hudson River Park have to offer. You also have two rooftop terraces for further viewing of the surrounding parts of the city, fireplaces, wine/liquor storage room, and a seemingly very cozy library room. The townhouse is in reach of NoHo and Flatiron District. With a 4,440 sq ft home like this, Cohen must be happy.

Address: 92 Jane St, New York NY 10014