What’s life like after playing for five different NBA teams over the course of 15 years and retiring? Former Golden State Warrior, Chris Webber, can tell you. He may say “live life, and continue to be busy.” And indeed, he’s been doing so. Chris and his wife have occupied the high-end 2,910 sq ft residence on Big Rock Dr in Malbu for too long, long enough to try and sell it for $3.995 million in mid-February of 2014. As for the post-basketball life occupation, Webber’s an analyst on “NBA Gametime Live,” along with other legends such as Shaq. Webber also runs an investment company.

Returning to Webber and wifey’s glorious Malibu home, it sits on 0.65 acres and was built in 95′. While everything about it is modern, it interestingly emits a psychedelic look and feel. Flooring transitions from mostly sleek hardwood to carpet in some rooms. Floor plan is 3 bed and 3 bath. Enjoy full soothing landscape views of nearby land and the pacific ocean via a large deck on the second floor, or take them in from the inside! Actually, no matter where you are in the house, you’ll be followed by said views.

Webber’s abode is accompanied by some amenities. Fireplace, on-site swimming pool, and den are just to name a few.

Address: 20851 Big Rock Dr, Malibu CA 90265