When you have nationwide success under your belt through alternative medicine and authoring, you can move just about anywhere you’d like. Oh yes, and this individual in particular is also involved in the comics industry. He founded Virign Comics (now known as Liquid Comics) in 06′. You may also still see hiis work in the newspapers San Francisco Chronicle and the widely-known and long-running, The Washington Post. Deepak Chopra is his name. You better recognize! Lets also recognize his new home in Greenwich Village.

Chopra unhesitantly forked over $14.5 million for one of the 5 units that’s part of the Delos building on 11th St. It’s all about “human and environmental sustainability,” as per Delos’s mission. The 3,663 sq ft abode consists of 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Unit has a sleek interior design and comes complete with smooth hardwood floors, windows that light can’t even penetrate, centralized air, masterfully crafted bathrooms, and a kitchen that’s furnished with stainless steel appliances. Oh yes, it also comes with a robot servant.

Seriously though, the ceilings and hard-to-reach areas of the walls are coated with anti-microbials and premises has electromagnetic field protection. The unit also has a personal laundry room. There are other amenities to be had for this expensive, yet life-preserving home.

Address: 66 East 11th St #1, New York NY 10003