Sienna MillerThis gives the term “cozy” an entirely new meaning.
For proof, here’s one: You need to look no further than the country cottage she built in Buckinghamshire (about 45 minutes from London). The gorgeous, secluded abode—which has six bedrooms and sits on a private estate—is like “the biggest tiny house you’ve ever seen,” Sienna said in Architectural DigestAug. 1: Open-Door video. It keeps going.
The 40-year-old explained that she bought the home during a time where she needed a solid place to escape the public eye. “I bought this house when I was 25, in a moment of real panic,” Sienna shared. “I was in London and my life was extremely intense. When I started dreaming about having someplace to retreat to, I came across this property online.”
After deciding to just “rent it for a year,” the actress said she came to see it and realized it was the one. She added, “I fell in love with it and purchased it.” It’s my refuge, where I can do absolutely nothing.