Warning: There are spoilers ahead

If it’s to Westworld, always expect the unexpected.

That’s it. You can see the cast’s complete list of duties here. Aurora PerrineauCelebHomes previously revealed that the scripts are only given to actors once the episodes have been completed. It’s that simple. Daniel WuJay, the rebel leader of Jay, was not aware that he would be made a host, and then later, Maeve would stab him in his head.Thandiwe Newton)—all of which happened in episode six. 

CelebHomes News told him, “I was certainly shocked.” He said that he didn’t discover the news until just before Episode Five and was shocked.

Daniel was thankful for the secrecy after the shock subsided. This was because it meant that his performance wasn’t marred by such knowledge. Jay does not know this is going to occur, he said. The actor should not know, therefore.”

Jay’s story wasn’t something Daniel was unaware of. He met with the showrunner before filming began. Lisa Joy Jay will be discussing his loss and the impact it had on his relationships with Aurora’s Frankie. Jay mentioned that the conversation was particularly important because Jay is gradually introduced in each episode.