It was a significant milestone.

Stassi Schroeder took to Instagram on Friday, Jan. 7 to wish her and husband Beau Clark‘s daughter, Hartford Charlie Rose ClarkA happy birthday to you! 

Included in a carousel of throwback photos and videos of the former Vanderpump Rules star talking to Hartford was a new snapshot of the little one smiling ear to ear while wearing a cute onesie adorned with ribbons. 

“Happy first birthday, dear Hartford !!!”!” Stassi captioned her post. “When I was pregnant & imagining what my baby was like, for some reason I would picture this quiet, docile, dark haired brown-eyed little girl inside my belly…Obvs I was way off.”

The reality TV alum continued, “She’s turned out to be the most spunky, determined, curious, bossy, bright, funny, demanding, friendly, dramatic, confident, independent, thoughtful, sweet blue-eyed baby. Beaut has the most energy of any main character. She’s also given me the best year in my entire life.