CassidyHe’s not there to make friends.

This is how she makes it happenThere are manyCelebHomes News’ exclusive CelebHomes News look at January 10th’s episode The Bachelor. Sneak peek: The 26-year-old executive assistant declines to take part in the group date. It also includes setting up for a birthday party for children. Cassidy instead chooses to sit by Cassidy’s side and sip some lemon water.

One contestant complained to the judges, “Cassidy is supposed to be building the dollhouse.”BachelorCamera, but I am the one building it. “I mean she doesn’t give a damn about the birthday celebration.”

Unbothered by the “miffed” ladies, Cassidy declares that she’s there “to date Clayton,” so, it isn’t surprising when she swoops in and pulls Clayton away from the group date.

Her natural reaction is to be upset by this new move BachelorOne woman commented on behalf of her peers that Cassidy “doesn’t care who anyone thinks.”

Cassidy then tells Clayton she loves him “a lot”, and they proceed to kiss.