There are actors and actresses who are well-known, but aren’t getting much work or you don’t hear much about any more. Then there are actors and actresses whose performances range from mediocre to wanting to look away and plug both ears with popcorn. Stanley Tucci is none of these, for he’s a well-known actor that does well on the big screen. Not to also mention that he’s currently involved in a handful of movie projects, one of which includes The Hunger Games sequel. Meanwhile, Stanley’s South Salem monstrosity has been out on the market for almost a month.

The 5,405 sq ft home was built in 1775. It may be older than Old MacDonald’s farm, but the entire house was restored nicely, especially the interior which caters to today’s standards of living. Tucci’s sleek historic piece of architecture sits astonishingly on 6 acres. Floor plan consists of 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Judging by the size of the house, you’d think that it would be at least a 6/5. Oh wait, it’s not because one of the rooms is a personal gym that’s bigger than a community clubhouse gym! Just to name a few included amenities: fireplace, central air, exceptionally large kitchen, and a pool. Getting to the pool area requires a nice little romantic stroll on a cobblestone pathway. $1.85 mill? Someone better get on that deal.

Address: 183 Ridgefield Ave, South Salem NY 10590