You’ve heard this singer/entertainer for years, seen him hit on Chevy Chase’s wife in Vegas Vacation, and recall his extremely tan face whenever you think of orange chicken or a brown chipmunk. We haven’t heard much about Wayne Newton, except that his former 40 acre 1952 Vegas mansion is out on the market. An all-out-war between filthy rich individuals have been going at it for the past month over the 11,192 sq ft home. Why wouldn’t they buy this $70 million home? It reeks of a legendary singer…….and tanning salons.

Kidding aside (or am I), the house is protected with a security system and sprinkler system. The floor plan interestingly includes 3 bedrooms, but boasts 7 bathrooms. One would mistake this place for a museum. Interesting enough, the current owner of Wayne mansion wished to transform the entire home into a museum. The interior dons Arabian palace-like floors where you can see your reflection, sleek ancient-greek columns, and fireplaces. Anything that you can ever dream of having is on-site; large pool w/ waterfall, tennis court, vast open land to roam around and scream out loud freely……..Bruce Wayne, eat your heart out. Also, you wouldn’t be living too far from the Vegas strip.

Address: 6629 S Pecos Rd, Las Vegas NV 89120