Stanford University investigates allegations of a late soccer star Katie Meyer was facing potential disciplinary action shortly before her death.

An interview with TodayThe parents of the 22 year-old student athlete were present on March 4. Steve Gina Meyer, confirmed that their daughter “died by suicide,” saying they believe Katie was “triggered” by a recent email she had received about facing punishment from the school. Steve says that Kate died because she was “defending an on-campus teammate over an incident” before her death.

The Meyers denied that they had seen the email but Gina stated that Katie was receiving notices about potential discipline action over the past months. Gina suspected that this latest letter “was kind” and that it would indicate that there was going be a “trial” or some other type of action.

We have the following to respond: Dee MostofiCelebHomes News was informed by a Statement from Veronica, the Assistant Vice President for External Communications at Stanford University. She stated that she could not share confidential information regarding student disciplinary issues.