The nickname, “The Man,” is quite popular amongst those whose name is Stan. But, there can only be one Stan “The Man,” and that’s Stan Musial. He earned such a title through his wondrous performances in pro baseball. Musial left so much of a mark on baseball that it eventually led him to a meeting with the president, where he awarded Musial the highest of civilian awards. This was 2 years prior to his death. Musial may be deceased, but his neat estate in St Louis, MO remains. It was listed for sale in November. The 1,065 sq ft home is currently not for sale. The question as to why is unknown. One thing’s certain, the price was reduced once by $20,000, making the asking price $159,900.

The cozy residence is nothing but legendary (and updated to modern standards of living). Floor plan is 2 beds and 1.5 bathrooms. Most of the floor plan was renovated. The only things that are untouched are the flooring and tiling. Musial’s Lindenwood Park home packs a punch, with amenities such as a nice big backyard, patio, shed, basement, attic, fireplaces, new refridgerator and dishwasher, and laundry room. Who would not want a home like this for the given price! Sooner or later, someone will snag this deal. Or maybe someone has already.

Address: 6529 Mardel Ave, St Louis MO 63109