Super Bowl Sunday doesn’t have to be the only sporting event that has a champion.

Team USA will be celebrating February 13th Erin JacksonAfter winning the gold medal in women’s 500m speedskating, she was able to earn her first Olympic medal with a time of 37.04 seconds.

The 29-year old Florida native made history when she won Team USA’s first gold medal in speed skater.

Erin posted the following Instagram message: “Olympic champion,” Erin said after finishing her race. I’m going to need a while just to get those words out of my head.” 

Her support was immediate from athletes and fans, with the US Speed Skating team writing that she “deserves every second of this !!!!” It’s worth it.

Many Olympic fans may recall Erin’s touching tale of her journey to Beijing, as if this win was not enough. Despite being ranked No. 1 in the world, Erin stumbled during the Olympic trials, jeopardizing her chase for gold.