Southern Charm‘s Craig ConoverAnd Naomie OlindoYou’re drinking the sweet (sweet) tea from the hookup teased by the trailer for season 8.

Craig, who is currently dating his co-star Craig after they dated for three more years. They eventually broke up in 2017. Summer House‘s Paige DeSorbo. However, when he dropped a bombshell about him and Naomie “recently” hooking up, some fans were left wondering if there had been any crossover between the brief rekindling and Craig’s new relationship.

Craig said that this wasn’t true. He said that it was several months before they became exclusively together about his hookup with Naomie, and Paige’s relationship. We didn’t have the opportunity to live together and were still trying to figure out what we wanted.

It is ironic that he was able to get closer to Paige by reconnecting with his ex. He continued, “Seeing Naomie was actually the closure I wasn’t aware I needed.” “I was finally was able to be like, ‘I know who my person is, and it’s not you, but I wish you well.’ It really helped me to know that Paige was the one I wanted to be with.