Love—err, lust—is in the air in Charleston. 

August 18th episode Southern CharmPicks up again after Patricia Altschul‘s extravagant dog wedding, and based on the below sneak peek, the affair turned out to be quite the party. You can see the rest of this as Austen KrollTells Leva Bonaparte Naomie OlindoThe next morning, it was “like one of those situations where you get up in the morning and start to think about what happened.”

What “happened” for him, Austen reveals, was a reunion with his former Winter House co-star Ciara Miller. “We ended up going out,” the 35-year-old said in a confessional, “and one thing led to another.”

Two lovers found themselves trapped in a love triangle. Lindsay Hubbard last year—which subsequently played out on season six of Summer House—but come fall, Austen was single and pursuing Olivia Flowers. However, Olivia showed up to the dog wedding with a date, which, in the teaser, Austen admits was the only reason he opted to hang out with Ciara. 

However, the revelations do not stop there. Up next is Naomie, who owns up to kissing Whitney Sudler Smith.