You shouldn’t worry, that sound was nothing but the collective groaning sounds of parents all over the nation. 

Peacock declared the return to CaillouThis animated series is certain to delight many kids and make sure that plenty of dads get earplugs. The animated series—often derided for its obnoxious main character—ended its run on PBS Kids in 2021. But you can’t keep Caillou down!

According to streamer, the new series “is a CGI remake of 1997 animated series of same name” and “features authentic and relatable slice of life stories from the perspective of its four-year old main character, who discovers new and important lessons in his daily life and with his friends.”

Peacock says the episodes will run 11 minutes and include Caillou as well “his supportive family members and friends that help him deal with his deep emotions.”

Caillou doesn’t feel alone. Many people also expressed their feelings on social media. messages likeJust when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I discover they are bringing Caillou back. and “Oh, dear God, no! This is unacceptable. No one is asking you to do this. Nobody likes #Caillou’s parents.”