A speech is not for everyone.

Margaret Ratliff (Sophie Turner() tries to brighten her mood by sharing some positive words with her father the night before. Michael Peterson‘s (Colin Firth(Retrial Hearing for Murder of His Wife Kathleen Peterson (Toni ColletteThis exclusive clip is from HBO Max’s June 9 finale. The Staircase.

Surrounded by a large group—including siblings Clayton Peterson (Dane DeHaan), Todd Peterson (Patrick Schwarzenegger Martha Ratliff (Odessa YoungThe father and his partner Sophie Brunet (Juliette Binoche)—Margaret pulls out a golden trophy and says “I have a surprise!”

Michael is stern when asked what her cup looks like. “It’s just a stupid cup Kathleen and I bought.”

Margaret takes out the trophy and gives a speech. Her father interrupts her. Michael says “No, please don’t begin with me.”

Michael intensifies an already stressful situation. Margaret, however, pushes forward and directs attention to Sophie.

She says, “Sophie. Thank you for supporting our father.” Thank you for fighting for him. You didn’t give up. You never gave up.