To use the words of Kenan ThompsonDiondre Cole of’s Diondre, “What’s the deal?”

Kim Kardashian Some shocking revelations were made about her first hosting experience Saturday Night Live during a June 21 appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. What was the biggest surprise? Her biggest surprise was her ability to have Never watched a full episode before taking to the stage in October.

“I was anxious for a second, because I must be completely honest, I hadn’t seen it before.” SNLShe admitted that she had done it before. I had only been to one tape of Eddie Murphy [in 2019]”

Naturally The Kardashians star understood that the show is a big deal, calling it “iconic.” Before joining the studio crew, she didn’t know much about it. 

“I gotta be honest,” she told Jimmy Fallon “I had no idea you were on.” 

Jimmy laughed at it, but Kim’s next comment made him speechless. She thought back to the time they met. Will Ferrell a month after hosting, sharing, “I literally had to text Pete [Davidson] and be like, ‘Wait, was Will Ferrell on SNL?’ I felt so ashamed.”