Julia Haart and Silvio Scaglia Haart‘s split is getting ugly.

Last week, CelebHomes News reported that Julia, 50 had filed for divorce after three years of marriage was fired as chief executive officer of Silvio’s company Elite World Group. After Julia filed for divorce, her ex-husband, who is also the chairman of the group, sued the plaintiff. My unorthodox life star. In the documents, obtained by CelebHomes News, he alleged that after he emailed her about her dismissal, she “illegally transferred” $850,000 from an account owned by Freedom Holding—a company he founded that controls Elite World Group, to another account she controls.

Julia brought an action to Delaware Court on Feb. 11 regarding her purported “unauthorized termination.” Silvio’s spokesperson made a statement about the filing this week.

CelebHomes News spokesperson said that they aren’t going to address the many lies and personal smears contained in Ms. Haarts Delaware suit. Instead, we will trust the court to decide the facts. “We will note, however, that it seems Ms. Haart has not taken the time to read the company’s governing documents as to who owns the stock that controls the company.