Madisson Hausburg IshThey are still grieving for their son.

In an Instagram posting on December 21, the Siesta KeyStars shared heartbreaking information with their fans about the journey of parenthood.

“12/12/21 Ish, I and I lost Our Son. Elliot Angel SotoMadisson revealed this to her fans: “I gave him stillborn at 37 weeks.” Instead of being able to leave the hospital with our precious baby boy, we were escorted out by Madisson with this box.

She added, “It’s true to what they say about the mother’s love being greater than their love.” Losing a child is the worst pain. Every day, I realize that I’ll never be able to touch him again. Completely and utterly devastated. I love you, I miss you, my perfect little Elliot.”

Ish also posted a picture of his son in his memory box. He called it “the hardest thing I’ve ever been through”.