Billiard tables or pool tables are a big investment. Sure, you can get a cheap pool table for under $100, but it won’t last as long. A quality pool table can last for decades if properly maintained. Pool tables aren’t as popular as they were over 100 years ago. Back then, you could go almost anywhere and find a hall to play pool in, and now it’s more difficult to find a place to play. This causes many people to rush out and get pool table movers in Boston to set up their brand-new pool table.

Here are a couple things to consider before rushing out to get a brand-new pool table.


The cost of a pool table can fluctuate greatly. It all depends on the material used in the table. Some pool tables have a wooden base under the felt surface. The best material for the base is actually slate which will bump the cost up quickly. The average cost for a new slate pool table can be $1,800-3,000. If you want a pool table to last, you should consider the choice between slate and wood carefully. You can get a wood base table for as little as $700, but it might not last as long as it’s more expensive counterpart.


It’s safe to say that pool tables are large. When you are having pool table movers in Providence, RI set up your new table, you might find it’s not easy to accommodate. Not only do you need to have the space for the table itself, but you also have to have space around the table to be able to play it. Most homes won’t have a ton of space to choose from so you need to make sure you have the space for the table before you buy one. If you went for a heavy table, you would need an experienced mover to help you.

In the end, you have to ask yourself if it will be a worthy investment. Will you use it? This might seem silly, but if you spend so much time and money on a good table, you should get use out of it. Not only does it cost a lot up front, but you have additional costs to consider. From resurfacing and accessories such as chalk. If you have to move, you will be shelling out a couple hundred dollars for experienced pool table movers in Alexandria, VA. Consider trying out pool tables at bars, pool halls or friends’ houses before making a purchase.