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Chances are, you’ve seen Our Place’s best-selling Always Pan all over social media, especially if you love cooking content. If you’ve been eyeing the cult-fave pan for a while but have been holding off on actually buying it, we’ve got some amazing news that will make you finally hit checkout. 

Our Place just launched a brand new collection in partnership with Selena Gomez that features their best-selling products in two limited edition colors: Azul, a stunning electric blue, and Rosa, a gorgeous berry pink inspired by Selena’s favorite bold lip shades. 

Selena stated that “My primary goal when cooking is to have fun.” This collection was created for home cooks such as me, who only need multifunctional and easy to use products.

The collection was made to inspire us to reconnect with our heritage through cooking. Selena, founder of Our Place, was the original designer. Shiza ShahidThey were united by their belief in the power of home-cooked meals to unite people.

That’s easily seen through the Our Place x Selena Gomez collection which includes a set of four drinking glasses, main plates and side plates, in addition to their Always Pan and Perfect Pot. Ideal for family get-togethers and with friends.