HalseyTheir health is being monitored by the Institute for Health and Welfare.

The singer recently shared their diagnosis and took to Instagram Stories for clarification.

I’ve been sick. In a May 11 posting, Halsey (27), wrote that she had been sick for a while. “My illnesses just have their names.” 

The journey to receiving their diagnoses was a long one. I went to the doctor for eight years. The star of “Without Me,” continued, trying to determine what was wrong. I was called insane, anxious, and lazy. It was a major change in my life. My life became a prison when I wasn’t at work. For fear of my feelings each morning, I had to stay in my own home. Although it took me some time to finally get a diagnosis, I feel happy! 

Halsey gave their viewers an important reminder at the end of their message. Halsey added that you shouldn’t be rude to your friends who are sick. They could be facing a fight they don’t know yet. You know what?