Shia LaBeouf He gives us a rare peek into his family life.

He revealed the name and gender of his 36-year old daughter to his wife Mia Goth An email was published by  Variety on Aug. 26. According to the newspaper, the actor stated that he sent the email on Aug. 26. Olivia WildeShia was fired by her film director, according to a recent claim. Do not worry darlingBefore forwarding it.

“I have an adorable little girl. IsabelShe is just five months old, and she’s only beginning to have the last part of her laugh. It’s amazing,” said the outlet. “Mia, my wife & I have found each other again & are journeying toward a healthy family with love and mutual respect.”

Shia mentioned in his message that he was writing Olivia as a response to the allegations that she had fired him from their film. Shia said that he quit by his will, but the thought of seeing the headlines about the subject made him think.

“Speaking about my daughter, I often think of the news articles that she will read once she becomes literate,” said the email. Variety. “And even though I owe and will owe throughout my entire life, my only responsibility is for what I do.”