Shay Mitchell Delivers Baby No. 2

You ever wonder what it is like to be a celebrity? Shay Mitchell‘s assistant?

Fans are lucky to have Shay as their personal assistant Alexa DavisShe filmed a typical day of her life when she is on the road with her boss.

According to Shay’s TikTok video, Shay’s mom is the first thing on Shay’s agenda. Precious GarciaShay’s daughter, Shay, is assisted by a friend named. Atlas Babel1, and Rome Babel, 4 months.

Next, fashion is the heavy lifting. Alexa took large bags full of clothes and shoes out of her car. She noted that it was “a lot.” The reason she explained was that there were many. Pretty Little Liars star was doing a fitting for her trip that night.

All the preparations for travel were just starting. Alexa was packing for Shay, while Shay, 35 years old, was dressed up for an evening event. All the essentials for the trip were included in this video.