It caused her severe physical and emotional pain throughout her teens, adolescence, and adult years.

Ayan explained that trauma is something that will be with me for the rest of the life. It is this reason I am willing to discuss it. Because I have experienced it myself, I can tell you how awful it is. Many girls feel depressed and their hormones become imbalanced. A lot of teenage girls end up dying.

Ayan says this is “the first time most of my friends and family will actually see that I’m talking about” the traumatic experience.

“We don’t share things like this, it’s kind of kept quiet in our families,” Ayan explained. “I just feel like after opening [up about] it, I was taking my power away from the people that did this to me that I trusted the most because I was five years old and I did not know what was happening to me. It wasn’t clear to me what was happening. I just want to bring awareness to it as much as possible because it’s still happening 35 years later. Every 11 minutes it’s happening to some little girl that is as confused as me.”

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“As long as I use my platform to bring awareness to stop this—if I can save 20 girls, 100 girls, 500 girls, I feel like that’s the purpose I have,” the RHODubaiStar said. Star said: “It is child abuse. Many girls die without any reason.