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You should check out these bags and suitcases for stylish, functional travel essentials. Shay Mitchell’s brand, BÉIS. It is loved by fashionistas as well as jetsetters. These are the Dollface CelebHomes star spoke with CelebHomes to discuss the brand’s latest collection and her views on each bag.

Today, BÉIS launched The Highline, which is a collection with lightweight bags that are chic and versatile. Shay said, “I feel like I say this every time we release a new collection but this one…DEFINITELY is up there in terms of being a favorite favorite.  It has all things our fans have come to know and love about BÈIS, but it’s super unique and unlike anything we’ve done before because each bag is made up of 55% hemp.” 

The designer added: “This new material is for us. It’s highly conceptual. They are super lightweight and sturdy, which I absolutely love. The bags can be used for all seasons, including spring and summer. Shay shared more about The High Line collection and she shared her insights on how to use and style each piece from the latest drop.