Keep it nice for their furbaby.

Shawn MendesAnd Camila Cabello After their publicized split two months ago, they seem to have reconnected and are now on good terms. The former couple met in Miami on Jan. 6 and were spotted together with their golden retriever walking around a park. Tarzan.

This is the ideal option for an afternoon trip. Fifth HarmonyThe member wore a beige-colored, sleeveless, sundress paired alongside flat sandals. Meanwhile, the “Mercy”, 23-year old singer, wore a plain white t-shirt, light-washed jeans, and black sneakers as seen in photographs taken by TMZ. 

Fans speculate that the pop star couple may be rekindling their relationship, but the friends could be just trying to be “best friends” and being good parents to their dog.

The following day, Shawn was spotted out again in Miami—this time, shirtless on the beach and without his former girlfriend. 

The “Señorita” singers welcomed the dog into their lives in November 2020, shortly after self-isolating together in Camila’s Miami home amid the pandemic.