She then opened up about her breakup with Cody.

It was confirmed by a “reliable source” that she and her boyfriend were no longer together. The’reliable source confirmed it, even though nobody is trustworthy in relationships except those involved.”

“But, for right now, two halves can’t make a whole and we’re individually just working on ourselves to become the people that we wanna be,” Miley added. We are all at the same age. It’s just about deciding what kind of person we want to become and how we will live our lives. Don’t let it become a drama story, if we go out for pizza or hanging out next week. “We’ve been best friends for 10+ years, and we will continue to be good friends.”

In May, Cody shared rare details about why they went their separate ways after dating for about a year.

“We went from being good friends, to just having a lot of the same friends, to being together for a while,” he told Australia’s 60 Minutes. “Everything came out fairly peacefully, but it wasn’t the end of the world, so I don’t know what that was. All of it is normal. [it]It is a great way to learn.