There is no one having more fun at 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics then you. Shaun White

The three-time Olympic gold medal winner is competing in his fifth Games, and by the looks of it, he’s soaking up every minute of what may be his last run. He’s also documenting the whole thing, which is a good thing for us.

As the Opening Ceremony kicked off on Friday, Feb. 4, Shaun gave his 1.7 million followers a glimpse into the Olympic Village, sharing selfies and giving a room tour, which included everything from his two humidifiers to photos of him and his girlfriend Nina Dobrev

In what could be considered the most thrilling behind-the scene look ever, Shaun also went live on Instagram when Team USA made it into the Bird’s Nest. He scanned around Beijing’s National Stadium, before signing off with a peace sign.

The last message he left? He left a message: “See you next competition day!”