Shaun WhiteThis is evident Nina DobrevHis biggest fan.

TikTok’s Olympic snowboarder confirms that he watched the series of his girlfriend. The Vampire Diaries and shared the hilarious way he got hooked on the show during the pandemic.

“I liked it,” he said on April 30, noting he gets asked often if he has seen it. “It was very good.”

The 35-year-old says he started binging the CW series while Nina was away shooting a film in Canada. He decided to binge watch the series since he could not visit his dying due to COVID-19 protocols.

He recalled, “I was not going to see her until like three months so I thought, ‘oh, this will be cool. I’ll begin the show.'” She said, “I will see her even though I haven’t seen her.”

What Shaun did not anticipate, however was that he would become involved in the on-screen relationships of the actress.

He said, laughing while describing the episode as “cool, but it became a bit dark.” “She was the love interest for all the men on the show, and I was really rooting to support them. It’s like, “Am I in the Way?” I don’t know if that was healthy or not, but I did watch the show and it was really funny.”