World, meet Zane Walker Green.

Sharna BurgessShe shared her first picture Brian Austin GreenInstagram’s baby boy’s profile of July 3

“Food Coma… Zane obviously,” she captioned the sweet shot, which showed the newborn nuzzling up to her chest. “Cos I am the food.”

A mere week after giving birth, this first-time mother is still basking in the baby joy. “I don’t have the words that can do this justice,” Sharna wrote. He is the one I see and I am overcome with emotion when I think of him. It’s clear that I will never again be the same. This realization is so overwhelming, I don’t even know if I ever knew there was such a thing as love.

Already, parenthood has changed the Aussie’s outlook on life—and her own relationship with her mom. Also, she stated she understands now fully what her mother meant when she said that “a mother’s unconditional love is unrivalled.” Dancing With the Stars pro added. You know that whole “you’ll understand when your kids have children” thing parents use when their kids are fussy about you. Now I understand. He is my best friend and I will worry about him till the end. Heaven is an area on Earth. I discovered it.