Sexual EducationIt will look completely different in season 4.

Netflix’s new series will see the departure of another cast member. Rakhee ThakrarRakhee, the actress playing Emily Sands was candid in announcing that she is leaving the show. “I’m not part of the new series,” Rakhee told the Daily Star Sunday, adding, “I can’t really talk about why.”

She said, “I’m proud to have been a part in something so important.” Nothing is bad. Sexual Education.”

Rakhee is the fourth star to announce their departure from the series in recent months. Tanya Reynolds And Patricia AllisonLily and Ola played respectively by Tanya. Tanya stated, “When you have so many characters and an ensemble cast of actors, it’s necessary to give up some old characters to make space for more new characters.” Radio Times, “which is absolutely the right thing, the way it should happen.”