We didn’t include this on our 2022 Bingo Cards: Elmo releasing a statement addressing his longstanding squabble with his Sesame Street co-star Zoe“Pet rock” is the name of’s favorite rock. Rocco.

After a clip of the red Muppet having some fun, this was precisely what happened. HeatedThe internet has resurfaced words about an inanimate object.

This 35 second clip was taken from an 2004 video. Sesame StreetThe episode titled Elmo feels he is treated unfairly Rocco” featured the child’s favorite icon losing it completely when Zoe informed him he couldn’t have an oatmeal raisin cookies that were reserved for Rocco.

“How? “How is Rocco going eat that cookie Zoe?” In the video, Elmo stated in frustration that he would tell Elmo. “Rocco has no mouth. Rocco is a rock. Rocco does not exist.”

The video was shared by @wumbooty on Twitter, January 3, writingIt was said that there were tears in her eyes and my stomach hurts. The clip then went viral and the Internet quickly took sides—thus rehashing Elmo’s decades-long feud with Rocco.