She married Coast Guard lieutenant Clay PellIn 2013, he applied for divorce. The final judgement was filed in Rhode Island in October of that year and the case is closed, according to the docket obtained by CelebHomes News.

Michelle ended her note by sending her love to fellow moms, shouting out “anyone trying to conceive in any which way (ivf, iui, surrogacy, adoption and naturally)” and wishing them “all the success and love.” Michelle added that she was not the only one on this journey and is pulling for her.

Michelle won an Olympic bronze medal in 2002 and a silver medal at 1998 Olympic Games. Michelle spoke to CelebHomes News recently about the experience. 

I stress about even considering what athletes go through! Last summer, she spoke ahead of 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This is an intense, emotional experience that lasts two weeks. It feels like you have known this dream since your childhood. When I was seven years old, my dream to go to the Olympic Games began. I got there ten years later. In those 10 years, I couldn’t imagine anything else.

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