Williams will be returning to Grand Slam for the U.S. Open, New York later in the month. If she wins, she’ll be tied with Margaret Court for most singles titles in history. She wants to win but isn’t worried about breaking the record.

She said, “I wouldn’t lie if I claimed I didn’t want that record.” “Obviously, I do. “But I don’t think about her every day. When I’m competing in the grand slam final, yes, that is when I think about her record. It could have been that I was too focused on it, and that wasn’t helpful.”

Williams stated, Williams added, “The best way to see it, would have been 30-plus grand Slams.” My chances were good after I returned from having children. My journey took me from having a C section to getting a second pulmonary embolism, and then to winning the Grand Slam final. Breastfeeding was possible. It was difficult to play through depression after giving birth. It didn’t happen. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. I wasn’t there the way that I could or should have. It’s okay that I turned up 23 more times. This is quite remarkable. But these days, if I have to choose between building my tennis résumé and building my family, I choose the latter.”