Heather Rae El MoussaNow begins the next chapter.

The The Sunset Selling Star, with whom she got married Tarek El Moussa in October, opened up about her fertility journey in a TikTok video posted on Dec. 28.

The 34-year-old real estate agent detailed the early stages of freezing her eggs, telling her followers, “If we decide to move forward, we will start the process next week to get me ready for the egg-freezing in January. The last time this was done, I had six eggs that were still healthy.

In addition, Heather explained that she’ll first need to get blood work done to check “where my egg count is and progesterone to see where my levels are at.” According to WebMD, progesterone is a hormone “released by the ovaries and is necessary for the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus and for maintaining pregnancy.”

Heather said, “Once that information is available, we’ll be able to determine how many eggs are mine since, in the past I was low on fertility and had low egg counts.”