Recently, the “Crowded Room” singer opened up to reveal why she went on a social media detox.

“To be honest, I was just, like, ‘This is too much information,'” Selena told WWDIn October. This is too much personal stuff spread all over the place, it felt overwhelming. My thoughts and my entire life revolved around the opinions of a million other people.

She continued, “And I just thought, ‘Why would I—I don’t get anything from it. I have no life. It was all over.

The following are some of the highlights. Nur Murders are allowed in the Building star admitted that social media is a “wonderful way to stay connected,” she explained that she still has boundaries in place.

Selena explained that she is unaware of pop culture’s current affairs and it makes her really happy. Although it might not make everyone happy, for me, this has really saved my life.