Take a look at her right now.

Only weeks after her 30th birthday celebration, she was able to celebrate again. Selena Gomez Was simply enjoying a boating vacation with producer Andrea Iervolinowith friends. As she sunbathing on a yacht in Positano (Italy) Aug. 3, “Lose You” singer, was beaming with joy as she enjoyed the warm sunshine.

Selena, dressed in a black swimming suit, was seen sunbathing at the dock alongside Andrea, who is a producer for her 2016 flick. The Dubious Battle Their friends sat in the shade as they relaxed. At one point during the day, the group hit the waves—with Andrea, 34, playfully pulling the Only Murderers in the BuildingJust as she was climbing down the ladder, staring into the sea.

Selena was also seen with her friends jet-skiing, and riding on an inflatable banana in open water.

Selena’s next decade has been celebrated in many other ways than a glamorous vacation to Italy. In late July, a source told CelebHomes News that the Rare Beauty founder was honored at a “formal party” with nearly 50 guests held at a private home.