It doesn’t matter if you have a mental disorder or find it difficult getting out of bed each morning. Selena Gomez will be there for you.  

Wondermind will launch next year and the actress has revealed her plans for the future. Only Murders in the Building star revealed her tips for looking after her mental health each day in an honest Instagram video on Tuesday, Nov. 30.  

Selena was asked about how she takes care of her brain. She admitted that she sometimes struggles to get out of bed. 

She shared some tips that have helped her get started in her day. Her first tip is to pick up the telephone and call someone.  

She also advised that you dig deeper into your feelings, understand why they are there, and find the best tools for you. 

Selena explained that she tries to understand myself and to learn from the triggers. Selena said, “I think that what helps me understand myself more is being able to step back and consider all the tools and how I could use them in my day.” It’s what usually helps me.”