Selena Gomez is still keeping it real as she looks toward the future—a future that includes starting a family.

A new episode of TaTaTu’s series Giving back to the generation, released Aug. 5, the singer chats with host Raquelle StevensA pal Ashley Cook about her mental health journey and her dreams.

Selena just turned 30 years old. She said that she hopes to marry and become a mother. “Eventually I will get tired of it all, so I think I’m just going to dedicate most of my time to philanthropy until I can rest easy.”

She added: “Keeping it real.”

And Selena does so by living in the real world as much as possible. You are the best! Only Murderers in the Building actress, who once had the largest number of followers on Instagram, said she continues to stay off the social media platform.

“If anyone knows me, they’ll know that I am an extremist.” She said that it was either one of two options. So I deleted my Instagram from my phone and handed that power over to my assistant. Instead of worrying about the post going up and down, all I do is text it to my assistant. My password is not even known.”