However, Abigail noted, that “over time & throwing myself into my healing community, the energy moved” and she was finally able to see the light again.  

“I scheduled my grief & physical care like it was my effing job. Abigail explained that this was true. “And then…more light came in. Every day, someone or something would appear to bring a warm glow. It was then that I found my humor again. I realized that laughter was possible. 

The Suits Star revealed her reasons for wanting to share her story right now. 

“I share all this because the ‘pretty & dreamy’ ‘living your best life pictures’ you see here don’t tell the full story,” Abigail shared. These were hard earned. If you’d seen me from March 2022 to August 2021, you wouldn’t believe I would be here. It wasn’t. And for that, I am so proud. “For not giving up.” 

Abigail, now looking forward, is prepared to change a leaf and get back in her passions.  

She wrote, “My new year’s wish is for laughter, joy and silly, flowers, dancing, abundance, love. ease. magic. presence. seen-ness. being-ness. puns. And peace in the world.” “Leave every one & every thing a little better than found.” 

Elle added that “If your despair is overwhelming, you can still keep going.” You aren’t alone. Keep moving. This won’t last forever. I promise you. Your story is yours. You can still make magic. 

Following her post, Abigail’s close friends and fans took to the comment section to give her a bit of love on her special day. 

Mindy KalingI wrote: “You’re just the best. Thank you for sharing this,” while Olivia MunnAlso, HBD loves you sm.