We can’t get enough of Selena GomezThe latest TikTok.

On May 3, the “Lose You to Love Me” singer, 29, showed off her comedy chops by posting a hilarious—and extremely relatable—video of herself poking fun at the unique joy of being single when all your friends are in loving relationships.  

Selena is seen lying on a sofa and giving her all-out effort to say, “No, it’s fine. Selena is perfectly fine with being single. 

The author said, “It is a real thing.” Nur Murders are allowed in the Building star jokingly stressed about her current relationship status. “It’s fine.” 

But suddenly, the actor’s words seemed to be contradictory. Completely When she was truthful, she panted over to reveal what was taking place on the opposite side of the sofa. There, two separate couples can be seen lovingly cuddling up close and laughing with their significant others.  

After seeing all of the tenderness, Selena quickly took the camera back to Selena who seemed to have made a conscious effort to ignore the lovebirds.