Get your leg warmers ready, because we are going back to 1980s!

Check out the latest projects by Selena GomezAnd Jake Gyllenhaal prove that everything is new again—even when it comes to cinematic classics. 

The first is the Nur Murderers in the BuildingStar is set for a revival in the comedy of 1988 The Working Girl Which star Harrison Ford, Sigourney WeaverAnd Melanie Griffith. This movie is about Tess (Griffith), a ambitious secretary who’s brilliant business plan is taken by Katharine Weaver, her boss. 

Casting announcements have yet to be made for the revival, however Gomez works as a producer. Only murdersOur optimism is that Tess could be modernized in the future.

In the meantime, Gyllenhaal will star in a reimagined version of Road HouseThe 1989 film starring? Patrick Swayze, Sam ElliottAnd Kelly LynchFor Prime Video, click here.

This is the original plot Road House—which told the story of James Dalton (Swayze), a bouncer who protected a Missouri town from shady businessman Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara)—is getting a modern twist for the updated version.